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Are you an actor who needs to a specific accent for a role or audition? Or do you long to lose your accent in order to gain Standard English or Standard American?

I can coach you in one specific accent or a variety of accents for your actor's 'toolbox of tricks' to widen your casting potential. Or I can teach you how to neutralise your own regional or foreign sounds (sometimes known as 'Accent Modification') for more clarity.



HOW will we work?

We will work in private one to one sessions or group sessions, as requested, lasting one, two, or three hours depending on your time and what you need to achieve. We will work physically at finding your voice in any accent rather than using quick-fix mimicry. This ensures the accent 'lives and breathes' organically within your own voice and you are able to focus on your character.

We will work with sound clips from native speakers to familiarise yourself with the sounds and shapes of the accent while I model key target areas to help you through demonstration and self-awareness.

We will then use vowel charts to place the main vowel shifts and explore the sounds of the consonants before exploring the rhythm, intonation, energy and musicality of the accent. I will give you practice phrases to keep you on track and ensure you are secure by drilling each specific sound.

We can then start to apply the work onto text, using your script (or I can provide you with appropriate dialogue) so we can listen out for any sounds that may require more targeted practice and play with recording and listening to analyse key areas for improvement.

I will provide you with listening exercises for homework and a recommended reading list for supportive material and further study.

Please Note: Bilingual (Spanish) sessions are available upon request.


HOW long does it take?

This depends on you and what you need.

An initial consultation will help you to determine your personal goals as well as giving me the opportunity to hear your voice and analyse your sounds to consider your needs and your overall aims. We will then agree on the right programme for you so that you get maximum results within a minimum timeframe. I can then schedule you one, two, or three hourly sessions, weekly or fortnightly depending on how quickly you feel confident and fluent in the accent.

I will provide you with homework and listening exercises to work on between sessions and a 'booster' phone call or Skype session may be useful as a check-in to stay 'on track' in an accent or to revise any focus sounds at the last minute.


HOW much will it cost?

Rates depend on what you need and how long you have to achieve it.

If we are working in person, on the phone or by Skype, rates will vary. You can pay for each session individually or book a block of 5 or 10 sessions, which will lower the cost. Please contact me to further discuss your particular requirements.


HOW can I reach you?

I am centrally located in London and travel outside of London will incur additional travel costs. I am also able to work with clients by phone or Skype, internationally.

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