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Stage & Screen Production

Are you a theatre company in need of rehearsal and/or performance voice support? Or are you a producer anxious to get the best performance from your actors and require a dialogue or dialect coach to work on set quickly and efficiently for clear, easy, confident communication?

I can work with your actors on set/location for Film, TV and Theatre helping them to find clearer speech, learn an accent or find a natural-sounding Standard English or Standard American so they can concentrate on their performance.



HOW will we work?

As a trained actor with a performance and teaching background, I approach voice work with both an understanding of the performer's needs and of the demands of the production. I work quickly and efficiently, offering on set/location support for Film, TV and Theatre and aim to arm the actor with easy-to-follow tips and targeted practice for increased confidence and self-awareness.

I work with actors both creatively and technically- helping them to place and shape an accent through vowel charts and sound exploration while they learn to find the rhythm and musicality with ease in order to find the full vocal potential of their character.

This two-fold approach to the work: analysing the technical and applying the work creatively enables the actor further depth of understanding and freedom to focus on their own unique approach to acting with a true voice.

Supportive learning resources are provided as part of my coaching including handouts, worksheets, audio sound files of native speakers, bespoke exercises, target homework practice, recommended reading lists and online support.

Please Note: Bilingual (Spanish) sessions are available upon request.


HOW long does it take?

This depends on the production and its timeframe.

An initial consultation will help your actors to determine their personal goals as well as giving me the opportunity to hear their voice and analyse their sounds to consider their needs and overall aims. We will then agree on the right programme for the actor so that they get maximum results within a minimum timeframe.

I can work in one, two, or three hourly sessions, daily, weekly or fortnightly depending on how quickly the actor feels fluent and confident in the accent and within the time constraints of the production,

I will provide actors with homework and listening exercises to work on between sessions and a 'booster' phone call or Skype session may be useful as a check-in to stay 'on track,' as a way of revising any target areas at the last minute.


HOW much will it cost?

Rates include on set/location voice support for Film, TV and Theatre and all research material and supportive resources to help the actor learn the sounds and explore their character's accent. Depending on the production, rates will vary so please contact me to further discuss your particular requirements.


HOW can I reach you?

I am centrally located in London and travel outside of London will incur additional travel costs. I am also able to work with clients by phone or Skype, internationally.

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