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¡Bienvenidos a Lucinda Worlock.com en Español! Es usted un hispanoparlante que está interesado en descubir más sobre el entrenamiento de voz y el trabajo que hago? Aprendí el español viviendo en México y España y entiendo bien los sonidos hispanos y podría ayudarle hablar con un acento más neutro. 

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"If you work hard and practice by doing the homework tasks set, you will soon see the results."

"Working with Lucinda has notably improved my public speaking skills and enhanced the way I communicate with groups."
  "Lucinda completely changed how I think about public speaking."

"Lucinda has a lot of positive energy and it was very useful to continue the work by listening to the sound files at home."


"I would definitely recommend Lucinda's coaching to anybody preparing for public speaking."

"I learned a lot about how to break down and study an accent."

"...the voice work really challenged the actors to connect emotionally as well as release technically."

"The sessions helped me to recognise the sounds of English and be better understood by people."

"I would recommend Lucinda to my friends with confidence."

"Lucinda is friendly and her way of teaching is very easy to understand."

"Fue muy fácil trabajar con ella porque habla perfecto Español con un excelente acento y entiende de donde vienen los sonidos de mi lengua madre."

"The sessions were very dynamic and motivating and I felt able to ask whatever I wanted."

"Every session was interesting, involving and lively."

"Explícitamente la recomiendo"

"I really enjoyed the warm ups and release exercises."

"The sessions helped me to be more aware of my pronunciation when I'm speaking..."

"Voice Training and pronunciation was a new challenge for me but the sessions helped me to find more self-confidence through speech."

"The sessions couldn't be better."

"The great rapport Lucinda built with the actors during rehearsals greatly improved the cast's attention to detail during voice and dialect work."

"Lucinda helped me to recognise my weak areas of pronunciation whereas before I didn't have an idea and felt lost."

"I would love to work with her again and YES, I would recommend her to everyone..."

"The sessions were easy, practical and friendly."

"I've definitely learned a lot and am understood much better now when speaking."

 "Sin duda recomiendo a Lucinda, su acercamiento holistico a la comunicación y su gran conocimiento de diferentes técnicas, convierten sus clases en una herramienta muy completa para cualquier profesional que desee preparase en este campo."

"The sessions helped me to gain confidence."

"Lucinda is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher and with her, the work is never dull."

"Lucinda's sessions are lively and I look forward to working with her again."

"Sin el trabajo de Lu, hubiera perdido mi voz después de la cuarta función."

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