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Lily Ford


Lucinda helped me prepare for an important presentation. I was nervous about speaking in front of a large group, and worried about the fact that I would be reading from a script.


We had an hour-and-a-half session that was very helpful. She observed my delivery style and flagged up a number of ways, from posture to pronunciation, in which I could improve it. We did exercises in resonance and voice projection, which really helped me understand how to use my voice effectively, and how important the rest of my body is in this process. She showed me how to warm up and prepare for speaking, with a few really useful tips on relaxation and breathing.


Lucinda was also able to point out the weak points in my enunciation and suggest ways of dealing with them. Part of the session was spent working specifically with my script. She showed me that there were many different ways in which I could alter the nuances of the text by varying the stress and intonation of my voice through pitch and volume and introduced a couple of methodologies which we practiced using.


This was a really worthwhile session, which improved both my confidence about communicating on a public platform, and my delivery skills. I would definitely recommend Lucinda's coaching to anybody preparing for public speaking.


Lily Ford

Academic Researcher

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